Introduction to ICD-10-CM Using SpeedECoder

How does this course work?

Q. How long is this course?

A. Eight weeks.

Q. When does the course start?

A. Contact the school for the next starting date and registration fee.

Q. Is this an instructor led course?

A. Yes

Q. Is there a text book?

A. No. All study material is on line available 24/7.

Q. Is there a course on line access fee?

A. Yes. Students pay $74 via PayPal with their credit card as they access the course.

Q. What version of the ICD-10-CM do I need?

A. The course provides access to an on line digital data base called SpeedECoder.  You get a one year license to ICD-10-CM as well as ICD-9 and CPT. A reduced educational price for one year subscription is $108.00. See

Q. Can I use a traditional hard copy version of ICD-10-CM instead?

A. No. ICD-10-CM codes do not become officially available until October 1, 2014.  SpeedECoder contains a constantly updated version of ICD-10-CM codes between now and then.

Q. Is there any other source of the ICD-10-CM codes?

A. Yes. The course contains a print out of both the Alphabetical listing (1344 pages) and the Tabular listing (2369 pages) as well.

Q. How is the course structured?

A. Medical diagnosis' are presented in each of twenty areas. Each section begins with simple problems to more complex with detailed answers.

Q. How many medical diagnosis problems are in the course?

A. Over 200.

Q. Is there a certificate issued upon course completion?

A. Yes. Students generate their own "Certificate of Achievement" at the end of the course with a passing grade of 70% or higher.

Q. What is the total price I will have to pay for course supplies?

A. $182.00 ($74.00 for the internet access and $108.00 for one year license for SpeedECoder).

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Email

What is this?

SpeedECoder is a data base of ICD-9, CPT, and ICD-10 codes.  You can use this data base in place of the printed coding manuals.

Why use this instead of the manuals?

1. It is easier to use.
2. The codes are always the latest.
3. It is faster.
4. It costs less than the manuals.

How do I buy?

Purchase your SpeedECoder license here using your credit card or your PayPal Account. Clicking on the "Buy Now" button will take you to "Check Out"

Please do NOT elect to restrict the use of your email address as it hinders delivery.


What is a typical cost of manuals?





Total cost for all three = $292.11 (plus shipping)

Total cost for all three educational version from SpeedECoder = $108.00 (no shipping)